Twisted Daisy
Twisted Daisy
Twisted Daisy
Twisted Daisy

Twisted Daisy

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Materials: 4mm Transparent Clear Perspex, Yellow Enamel, Twisted Silver Wire, 38cm Olive Green Silk Ribbon

3.5cm X 3.5cm X 1.0cm



✲Now that March has started waking up,
  it dresses up in order to come again
  and along with it the whole nature rouses piece by piece.
  Once March is ready  and finally arrives, anticipating to meet the flowers afresh,
  it will bend over each one separately to give them the sweetest honey-kiss
  and hand on a silk ribbon to help them grow.

  It will gently blow their golden pollen so as to spread the news of its arrival.

  When March makes sure that all the flowers can now stand all by themselves on their stem
  it will collect the silk ribbons to keep them tenderly
  and it will leave the flowers to carry on with their melodious dance.
  It will return to its nest to rest, carefree at last because it completed succesfully its mission for one more year.
  After that, March will sleep harmoniously, listening at the echo of the delirious fest of nature.✲

This is a  premium quality bracelet, inspired by the traditional March Bracelet, consisted of all its core elements interpreted in a free and total way. It can be worn, either all year long or alternatively,it can be worn every March and the rest of the year stay as a colourful and ethereal sclulpture, anticipating for the next spring to come.

The pieces might slightly diversify from one another because each piece is unique, handmade and no kind of mould has been used.

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