Twisted March
Twisted March
Twisted March
Twisted March

Twisted March

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Materials: 3mm Two-Siided (One Side Frosted - One Side Polished) Tinted Opaque Black Perspex, 1,5mm Twisted Silver Wire, 38cm Pink Silk Ribbon

Dimensions: 4.0cm X2.0cm X 1.0cm

Weight: 5.1gr


✲When March arrives, when the butterflies fly
  they will tie silk ribbon around the wrisk to rise and open up
  and the sun will and warm what lies beyond the shadow

  When the journey comes the the end
  the butterflies will untie the ribbon
  and stay still, anticipating for the next March to come

  and we all will be out there
  to hold the hand up, a fist
  with the red warm, the green inflosescent and the brown fresh and fertile
  until the butterfly comes to life again, ties the silk ribbon and fly anew.✲

This is a premium quality bracelet for this coming March, for every March, for every month.
If the bracelet comes out of the hand, it will stay a colourful and ethereal sclulpture, anticipating for the ribbon to tie up and rise the hand to fly again.

The pieces might slightly diversify from one another because each piece is unique, handmade and no kind of mould has been used.

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