Twisted Drops
Twisted Drops
Twisted Drops
Twisted Drops

Twisted Drops

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Materials: 3mm Frosted Semi-Transparent Red Perspex, 0.7mm-1,5mm Hard Stainless Steel Wire

Dimensions: 7.0cm X 1.5cm X 1.5cm

Weight: 2.0gr


✲The transition of a drop from difficult to easy, from pleasant to unpleasant, from simple to complicated, from painful to relieving, from disappointment to excitement, from defeat to anticipation, from straight to curve, from descent to ascent, from smooth to rough, from hard to soft, from cold to warm, from darkness to light.
From reality to dream and from dream to reality. In any order or eternal transition.✲

This is a premium quality pair of earrings, inspired by the notion of fluidity, of passage and the constant transition.

The pieces might slightly diversify from one another because each piece is unique, handmade and no kind of mould has been used.

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