The Human Cocoon

The loom was the motive; the yarn the means - the piece became the idea.
My thoughts weaved –my concerns crystallised –an exploration of the human condition: nature, the body, the human cocoon.
The human existence, the non-existence...the being.
Like all opposing notions, they need each other to define themselves, to exist.
It might sound vague, strange, and incoherent. The loom though is there, the frame to weave my ideas, again and again;
weave the perennial existence and mortality.
And I will continue…

(The project took place during my residency at 'Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum' in Athens, where I was chosen to run the 'Traditional Crafts Workshop' for the newly founded 'Jewelry Artist in Residence Program', 2017-2018.
The piece is part of the museum's permanent collection)

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