"Urbanoids" Floor Lamp

“Urbanoids” is a handmade Floor Lamp / Room Separator made of Plywood and Aluminum.
The experimentation with the wood “Lamination” technique and the exploration of organic forms and natural patterns were the starting point for the conception of this artefact. It started as a reflection of thoughts and concerns about the interconnectivity of humankind and nature and eventually it developed into a discussion over the effect of humankind actions on the environment nowadays in urban societies.

“Urbanoids” represents a dynamic axis. The one side depicts the current urban condition with the alienation from nature and its degradation with catastrophic results. Moving on the other side, the piece visualises the need that emerges, for an environmentaly-safe consciousness by following approaches of respecting and exploiting nature.

Designed & Constructed by: Yiannis Siotis, Nella Vlachou, Marilena Karagkiozi
Dimensions: 2,80mx1,80mx0,25cm.

2013    "A' Design Award", Bronze Award in “Lighting Products and Projects” Category, Villa Gallia, Como, Italy
2013    "A' Design Award" Exhibition, Villa Gallia, Como, Italy
2014    "Design Lab" Exhibition, Technopolis, Athens, Greece
2015    World International Architecture Day Conference, "WIAD 2015", Thessaloniki Concert Hall & 24 Coutries and 38 Cities simultaneously
2015    #43 “Designer of the world” Ranking Position in "Lighting Products and Lighting Projects" Design Category.

links:  https://bit.ly/3tMpacX

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