Human Blinkers

This piece is a visualization of human blinkers - a blinker being a metaphor of the horse blinkers it depicts –The condition where human beings become fanatic, narrow-minded, inflexible and isolated - unable to accept any kind of diversity. A blinkered wearer becomes distant and frightening to others.

The piece restricts the wearer’s senses: no eye contact, no human contact and no communication –unable to hear any other voice. The need to re-establish themselves in this context leads them to become visibly agitated and talk louder. However, their voice emerges as a constrained hum; their vision is blurred and every stimulus around is diminished to a thread. The only remnant of a familiar perspective is the restricted, narrow slice of the visible world directly in front of them.
The sharp bolts come into force at the stage where the blinkered individual inexorably becomes a threat –a dangerous weapon.

("The Human Blinkers" Project, University for the Creative Arts, 2014)

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