The pores are scratched,

they are open and rough

with sharp edges

and something red...deep red, overflows

But the pain gradually becomes milder

the shield stood right in front of the pores

the shield

that reflects the light, life, you...

something has started to blossom...the pores are now wide open and everything comes out,

everything new, unprecedented, red...bright red is flowing out

and the pain stops

You have scratches too, I know...but you also have a mirror,

raise your mirror...I am here, facing you, a shield

don't lower the shield...

time will pass and we will meet, and we will both leave the shields, hold each other's hand and

carry on, together

the scratches will be healed

we will blossom together...

My entry for the online exhibition Stayhomemakeart (Athens,2020), initiated by Marietta Kontogianni, where artists are called to get inspired by everyday objects and create jewellery or objects "to express their feelings about this frightening situation that we all face".


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