The interconnectivity between Utopia and Dystopia

...In an era where the whole humanity is struggling to survive, one could think that believing in Utopia would be vain and naive. The truth is that in such a vulnerable world where human beings suffering more and more the infringement of their privacy, their rights and their values, Utopia is more necessary than ever in order to start walking again.  It might finally be the experience of Dystopia that makes human beings conceive the vision of Utopia and this could be the necessity of Dystopia. And maybe the achievements of humankind in each era becomes either the steps to bring individuals directly closer to Utopia, or the obstacles that disorientate them and finally force them to redefine their course along the way to Utopia...

Excerpt from:

“The continual interconnectivity between Utopian and Dystopian concepts and ideals is simultaneously at the core of, and surrounding society today: An analysis of key historical definitions of these ideals with the aim of questioning their continued relevance when defining the times we live in, whilst asking questions about whether the spaces we inhabit and objects we make are still defined by these binary opposites”

Nella Vlachou, 2014

photo by Nella Vlachou

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