The Human Blinkers

I can't see your eyes. Your voice sounds like humming.I can't come closer.

No, I don' t want to.
I will stand here, against you.

No, I do not want to wear the blinkers.
I will keep hearing the human voice and consider it music, looking upon the movement of the body as dance,
Ι will keep facing the eyes of others and smile.

The legacy I have received and the one I will to pass on
is the legacy of resistance.
Against your eyes that I cannot see.
Against the humming of your voice.
Against you.
Against you and the blinkers that fascism has worn to you.
Against...with the fist raised.

"The Human Blinkers" Project, University for the Creative Arts, 2014

Find the project here


photo: Nella Vlachou

model: Elisavet Messi

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