The Dreamy Cloud

-What is that?
-My pink dream cloud.
-Yours? What makes it yours? You cannot even reach is so high above.
-Do you see that ladder? It helps me to climb up.
-And how do you get back here?
-The truth is that coming down is harder and a bit scary, but most of the times i have tried it, it was somewhat alright. Not to exaggerate though, once or twice i rolled down roughly so i ended up with a few scratches, albeit they were healed in a short time.
-So what have you been doing up there?
-You should come and see yourself.
-How often do you come down?
-Not very often, yet when it is needed to be here, I bring offerings, which sprout up solely in that cloud, so everyone here can savour them!
-After all, why this cloud is pink?
- I have no idea! I have tried quite a few times, nevertheless it always ends up being pink!

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