Let's Introduce Ouselves Then

-Wach out! You almost hit me. Why are you running?
Are you in a rush? Are you hidding from someone or is somebody chasing you?
-I am not running, I am not even moving. Actually you are in a constant move, since you came.
-How long have you been here for?
-For quite a long time.
-It is impossible that you have come before me. I would have seen you, right?
-I was definitely here. You simply just noticed me. Or you just had my needed.
-I do not really understand. How is that even possible?
-I am not aware of any how or why.
-I guess It is some kind of impulse or a reason that I can barely define right now.
-You do not have to. It doesn't really matter.
-You might be right and the truth is that I have really nice time with you. Do you want to sit together?
-Of course. Let's introduce ouselves then. I am Time, you are...?


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