Exhibition Opening at Kapsioti Gallery!

Light blue “TWISTED DROPS” earrings and a collection of our unique jewellery pieces cannot wait to welcome you to the opening of the “the Sea I have Loved” exhibition, this coming Friday 26th of May at 19.30 at Kapsioti Gallery! The exhibition is part or the “Sea Days” festival that is being held for 9th year in a row in the city of Piraeus.

Participating Artists

Painters: G. Adamakis | S. Adrianos | D. Aggelidou | O. Berikaki | C. Vergi | S. Vatanidis | T. Dimos | F. Doukakis | S. Kalogeropoulou | R. Kapeliari | C. Kehagioglou | D. Kokkinidis | D. Kouvatsou | D. Koukos | M. Ktistopoulou | M. Madenis| R. Baikas | C. Pallatzas | I. Papanikolaou | P. Samios | M. Saridakis | P. Siagris | S. Sorogas | M. Haros | G. Psycopaidis

Sculptors: S. Gavalas | N. Kalafatis | P. Kanistra | A. Kastrinakis | D. Mataragas

Place : Kapsioti Gallery, 153 Alkiviadou Str. | 185 35 | Piraeus

Telephone: 210 4129257
Duration: 26th May - 22nd June
Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00

                     Wednesday-Saturday     10:00-15:00


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