EMBOW Series

It is the drop that becomes the womb for the light to be born and converts it into colour.
It is the drop that cradles me and becomes the womb that helps me to move.
I am eventually taking shape and form.
I become colour. I become light.
It is not the time that ends. It is the time that always begins.
It is the time that is constantly born from light and it will be constantly giving birth to light.

Thιs is a series that consists of 7 medallions on the 7 colours of the rainbow which comes to life when the raindrops refract the light. The figure on the piece is life that is gradually forming and brew to be born.
This is a series for Christmas and the New Year that is about to be born as well.
The pieces might slightly diversify from one another because each piece is unique, handmade and no kind of mould has been used.

Find EMBOW Series here


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