✲ How nice would be to receive a present.
A present that once it is opened all the warmth, the laughs and  the pleasure would come out
and another one that would embody the spring and the summer so as to repulse the winter that has glaciate the body, the soul, the mind

Albeit, how could I wait for someone to bring me a present!

What if we started a game: The chase of the lost present, the lost pleasure
Find them both wherever they are hidden
enliven ouselves and hunt like athirst
to enveil them

We will hold our heads up and look far afield proudly
without any fear or doubt
and shout out so loud until we dry out of breath

We ought to claim the present that has been stolen
I know that it is not just an individual that deprives the present from us, there are many  
but our lust for it is even bigger
We will find the colour and the warmth we deserve
that will sweeten our lips and make both their tips turn delightfully towards the sun

What do you think?
I am listening... ✲

EMBEAR is a premium quality pair of earrings inspired by the “present” and its immediate requirement of its assertion, in an era where the notion of joy or pleasure is completely diminished. Visually the jewellery is based on the Easter Bunny and more specifically the ears, with an implication in the necessity of hearing each-other.

Find it here

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