As well as occupying space, the human body is itself a space –spaces within and spaces beyond. Our bodies also mark the divide between these spaces.
How do these spaces interact with each other?
Are they interconnected or autonomous?
Is part of the human condition that of mediator between such spaces?
Maybe there is no distinct answer, but the exploration of these questions through the notion of materiality and objecthood could be a way of addressing such questions, or become a worthy destination itself.
All those quests are shaped in a visual way through the material and the way of creating unique handmade jewellery so that each piece constitutes a complete outcome technically, aesthetically and conceptually.


Thιs is a series that consists of 7 medallions on the 7 colours of the rainbow which comes to life when the raindrops refract the light.

The figure on the piece is life that is gradually forming and brew to be born.



Materials: Frosted Petrol PerspexThis piece is exclusively available at "AIGINART" (14 Pileos Str, Aigina)


Materials: Transparent Red Perspex, Tinted Opaque Gold Perspex, SilverThis piece is exclusively available at "AIGINART" (14 Pileos Str, Aigina)

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